A plain gasket which can be fabricated in any required configuration. With adequate bolting, #540 is effective and economical, especially on flanges with concentric serrations. In addition to exceptional mechanical strength, other characteristics of #540 include heat conductivity and excellent resistance to high pressures, high temperatures and chemical attack. If gasket is not finished machined, minimum width should be 50% more than the thickness of the metal. The only limitation on dimensions of the flat metal gasket is the width of metal sheet commercially available.

Offers the desirable characteristics of the solid gasket plus the advantage of reduced contact area supplied by V-shaped rib surface. #541 is used where a solid gasket is required due to pressure, temperature or the intensely corrosive effect of the confined fluid, and bolting would not be adequate to seal the #540 gasket. Another applications of #541 is in the case of screwed, or attrition, closures in which the relatively small contact area reduces friction to a level sufficiently low to seal the joint.

Constructed of heavy solid metal, machined with spaced concentric ribs. Ideal for applications which require a wide, all-metal gasket with reduced contact area. Well-suited for high temperatures and pressures in standard, raised-face flanges. Should be used only with smooth-finished flange faces. Serrated gaskets may be ordered for A.S.A. raised-face flanges.

A round cross-section wire ring gasket. Flanges generally grooved, tapered or otherwise faced to position gasket accurately during assembly; however, certain applications may be between flat faces. Used primarily in circular shape, #549 can also be used in moderately non-circular shapes.

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